SJCE campus placement – 2014

I pursued my undergraduate studies in Computer Science at Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering, Mysuru, popularly known as JCE. An important aspect of student life in the 4-year undergraduate program is the job placement. Being one of the top colleges in the state, JCE attracts a lot of companies during its placement drive held every year. The final year students get a chance to interview for top IT companies offering huge CTCs and make their dream come true. In this blog post, I will give some insights into the placement procedure of various companies and explain my experience during the 2014 placement drive.

I interviewed for Oracle, Cisco, NetApp and National Instruments. I was recruited by National Instruments and due to one job policy, I didn’t interview for any other company after that.


Date: 05/08/2014

Profile: Oracle Systems Requirement

Package: 7.5 lakh CTC

CGPA: Minimum 7.0 / 10.0

Status: Dream

Result: Cleared first round but didn’t attend second round

First round: Online test

Questions were randomly generated for each person. So no one in the lab would have the same question paper as you. Some got easy questions and some got hard ones. So you must me lucky to get easy questions. But overall, the paper was relatively easy. All were objective questions. There were 50 questions for 60 minutes distributed as follows — Analytical: 10,  verbal: 10, technical: 15, aptitude: 15.

Technical questions were based on C, C++, OS, DBMS, and Java. We were not prepared for questions on Java. C questions were easy. Also, there were some tricky questions on OS and DBMS.

Other three sections were easy as well. Standard aptitude problems were there. So no need to worry about that.

I don’t remember the questions much. But some of them are:

  • ____is for multi-threaded programming and ____ is for multi-processor programming:
  • Parallelism, deadlock and something like that. I don’t remember.

Selection: 2 people were recruited on 13/08/2014



Date: 07/08/2014

Profile: Software Engineering

Package: 10.5 CTC

CGPA: 8 and above

Status: Dream

Result: Till first round

First round: Written test

The questions paper was same for everyone. In the written round, we had to answer 60 questions in 75 minutes. Only two sections were there — (a) Aptitude: 20 questions (b) Technical: 40 questions

The technical part had C, Networks, Electronics, LD, and OS. I personally felt that the paper was difficult. Mainly because I hate electronics and the paper had a lot of electronics and LD questions. Questions on C was of medium difficulty. So CS people struggled in EC section and EC people in CS section. College performance was bad. So they brought down the cut-off for the second round to 25 and some 25 people were selected. If you are aiming for Cisco, focus on electronics and Networks part.

I don’t remember the questions asked since I didn’t answer a lot of them 😛

Selection: 4 CS students and 3 EC students were recruited


3. NetApp

Date: 8 and 9th of August

Profile: Software Engineering

Package: 10.9 CTC

CGPA: 7.5 and above

Status: Dream

Result: Till first round

First round: Written test

Only objective type questions. It had 4 sections — (a) Analytical: 10 questions (b) C: 15 questions (c) Data Structures and algorithms: 15 questions (d) Systems: 10 questions.

There were 8 or more papers divided into series and distributed in each class. Some say that a few series were very easy compared to others. So again, you have to be lucky to get an easy paper. One more thing is that they use the same question paper for other colleges too. Due to this, one of my friends had got a paper in which answers were already marked, even though instructions said not to write anything on the question paper. I bet, you are wishing that would happen to you 😀

The analytical part had some puzzles, one tough problem on probability, and easy aptitude questions. C questions were pretty straight forward. Data structures part had some comparisons between different linked lists. Systems part was the tough one. It had some things on networks which I had never heard of. But it wouldn’t hurt to guess the answers right. You never know when you can get lucky 😉

Overall, the paper was of medium difficulty and I had done well. Don’t know why I didn’t get selected.


Analytical part: The classic puzzle of king and prisoners wearing hats. The problem on ages. Other easy problems.

C: Most of them were C snippets asking to guess the output of the code

Data Structures: What is the name of the element which is added at the end of the array to indicate the end? Comparison between Singly and doubly linked lists

Systems: This was the difficult part. Some protocol names and other things about networks were asked.

After this, 16 people were selected for the next round.

Selection: 3 CS people were recruited.



Date: 11th and 12th of August

Profile: Software Engineering

Package: 8.2 CTC

CGPA: 8.25 and above

Status: Dream

Result: Got placed!! Yay! 😀

First round: Written test

The first round had only subjective questions. Only 9 questions were there and the time was 75 minutes. Only company till now to have subjective questions. Since you have to write the answer, you have to be sure about what you write and can’t guess.Questions were related to C snippets, OS, FAFL, general aptitude


  • How many 4 digit numbers greater than 3000 can be formed using the digits 2,2,3,3,3,4,4,4,4?Answer: 51
  • A bus takes 3 parking spaces, a car takes 2 parking spaces, and the bike takes 1 parking space. How many combinations of vehicles can be formed if you have 4 parking spaces? Write a recurrence relation for ‘n’, where ‘n’ is the number of parking spaces available.Answer: 7, I guess. Don’t know the recurrence relation 😀
  • Next 3 questions were C snippets asking what will they return. I don’t remember the code.
  • Question on round robin scheduling algorithm. If 4 jobs require 10, 2, 3, 5 memory cycles, after how many memory cycles will be job J3 be completed if the time slice is 1 memory cycle? What should be the time slice so that the job J3 takes minimum memory cycles to get completed? Answer:10 and 3.
  • Write a DFA to accept a string of ‘a’,’b’,’c’,’d’ starting with the letter ‘a’ and ending with the letter ‘d’.
  • Divide 25000 coins of Rs.1 each into 15 buckets such that we can obtain any amount just be picking up buckets and without moving coins. Ex: If the number of coins is 15 and number of buckets if 4, then we can divide the coins as 1, 2, 4, 8 so that any number of coins between 1-15 can be given

After this, 26 people were selected for the next round.

Second round: C Coding

2 questions were given to solve for 3 hours. We have to write code and upload. Test cases are run on that code and the results are shown.


  • Find the number of characters which needs to be changed so as to make the given string a palindrome. 10 test cases were there. Ex: madam 0 Already a palindrome. Sadam 1 need to change ‘S’ to ‘m’ to make it palindrome. Hello 2 ‘olllo’ should be a palindrome. Hence 2.
  • Given a m*n matrix containing both positive and negative integers, starting from the top-left element to the bottom-right element, find the maximum sum which can be obtained by moving in Down, Right and Diagonal directions. 8 test cases were there. The following are sample test cases:
    Ex 1:
    2 4
    5 7
    In this matrix, the possible paths from top-left to bottom right are:
    2->7 = 2+7 = 9
    2->4->7 = 2+4+7 = 13
    2->5->7 = 2+5+7 = 14
    Hence, the maximum sum is 14.
    Ex 2:
    3 0 1
    1 5 4
    9 3 4
    Path is 3->1->9->3->4. The sum is 20.

After this, 7 people were shortlisted.

Third round: Interview

The interview was almost for 2 hours 15 minutes. Uff! That’s a lot. There were 2 interviewers. They even did HR interview for the first 10 minutes and last 10 minutes.


  • Introduce yourself.
  • Then they asked about the website (SJCEResults) which was the first project on my resume
  • What are the technical difficulties faced during this project and also non-technical i.e. When working in a group did you have any problems?
  • Then they started with the questions.

Q1: If there are n elements in an array and you want to find out the first k maximum elements, how would you do that?

Time complexity is an important thing. For every approach you tell, they will ask about the time complexity of that algorithm. So be sure about that.

No need to know the solution, even if you tell your approach that’s more than enough.

Q2: For a given HydroCarbon representation, find the number of Carbon atoms present.



This has: 2 + (3*2) = 8 C atoms

Border cases:

CH : 1 C atom

C222H120: 222 C atoms

Q3: OS scheduling algorithm:

2 processes are said to be dependent if one cannot be executed until another one is finished.

Given a list of processes and a list of dependencies between them, how would you schedule the processes so that they are completed in minimum time? Note that 2 are more processes can be scheduled together to save time.

Q4: Find the number of inversions present in a given array

This link has the answer:

Even I didn’t know the answer, but somehow they skipped the question and moved onto the next one. Lucky me 😛

Q5: Explain merge sort. Only explanation. Not to write the code.

Q6: Lastly again Behavioral questions:

If you are a Developer in the company and your technical lead says not to implement an algorithm which you have developed because it will delay the project even though it will increase the performance of the software, what will you do?

  • If you are the technical lead in the company and one of the developers is not working up to the expectations of his team, how will you motivate him?
  • What do you think about our education system? Do you think what you have learned is enough for working in a company or should you learn more?

This is a trick question. They are indirectly asking if you want to do higher studies. So be careful about what you answer 😀

Other things:

If you haven’t understood the question properly, you can ask them any number of times. It’s better than misunderstanding the problem.

The interviewers were very friendly. They gave King chocolate and Samosa during the interview and told me to have it 😀

After the selection, one of the recruiters told me that it was the longest interview taken by the interviewer. But it was worth it 😀

They made us cut a cake too.

Selection: 2 people were selected for job and internship, and 1 person was selected just for the internship.

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